In the early days both Paul Stuart Davies and Mark Bateson college friends and co-founders of Darwen School of Music operated individually teaching vocals and guitar from their own homes. Over the years both tutors developed an enviable reputation for the quality and professionalism of the services they offered.

Students began coming from all across Lancashire from the Home town of Darwen, from Blackburn, even as far as Accrington, Burnley, Rawtenstall, Bolton and Preston.

Owing to their individual success as tutors and the reputation they had attained over the years, both Paul Stuart Davies and Mark Bateson where approached to run various courses and music workshops for local colleges and the local authorities.

With success and a myriad of one to one and group tutoring experience behind them, Paul Stuart Davies and Mark Bateson decided to lay the foundations of something really remarkable. They envisioned a tutoring experience unlike anything else in the local area, where students could gain experience and develop confidence in a multitude of ways, rather than simply learning an instrument or developing vocal technique.


Paul Stuart Davies and Mark Bateson established Elite Music Services as a single entity offering tuition in both Guitar and Vocals. Though still independently teaching Vocals and Guitar from their own homes, the single minded approach to music tuition lead to students being encouraged to engage and collaberate with other students of other disciplines. Whether it be vocal students rehearsing with live instrument backing or musical collaboration in the form of song writing. Students had for the first time the opportunity to practice in real world scenarios the principles of musicianship.

With a new angle on music tuition Elite Music Services needed a platform with which to showcase not only student success in vocals and guitar, but also the new students abilities to collaborate with other student musicians in real world scenarios.

The solution was to hire a venue once a year and put on a showcase, where students had the opportunity to perform in front of live audience whilst collaborating with other students in a live environment. Student showcases became a huge success with students and their friends and family, each year students would spend time and effort rehearsing and preparing for the upcoming show case.


The opening of our new premises in Darwen where for the first time all manner of musical tuition could be delivered under one roof, prompted a name change to reflect the new direction. In addition to now having the capacity to offer tuition in a range of other areas such as Drums, Piano/Keyboard, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Oboe and other woodwind instruments. Being a Music School meant students now had unprecedented opportunity to collaborate with other students in a wide range of styles on a broad range of instruments. Due to the phenomenal success of student showcases and the added diversity of a broad range of instruments and styles several showcases each year became necessary.


Our music school changed it’s name again in early 2016 to better reflect the schools position as the premier musical tuition facility within in the locality.