Unlike learning an instrument vocal tuition lessons focus on developing your natural singing abilities, we don’t refer to vocal tuition as “learning to sing”, but rather developing your vocal capabilities and perfecting your singing technique.

At Darwen School of Music, we guide you in developing your natural singing talents, whether you want to pursue vocal tuition lessons for fun, or you’re ambitions are a little higher, we can help you maximize your natural singing potential.


If you sing with a band, sing with your friends, or even sing alone in front of the mirror, professional vocal tuition lessons could well be for you.

We will help you develop a broader vocal range and a more powerful song delivery, as well as a plethora of other singing and vocal techniques to unlock your natural singing abilities.


We’ve been coaching and helping to develop natural singing talent and technique for over a decade, during this time we’ve achieved some really amazing things. Whether it be hits on iTunes, celebrity fandom, accolades presented by legendary producers and even celebrity students.

We have a deeply embedded passion for singing and music in general which we think shows in everything we do. Rest assured as a student at Darwen School of Music we will encourage and guide you to unlock the very best of your natural abilities.

Benefits of Vocal Tuition

  • Learn and develop safe professional singing technique, unlock your natural singing talent.
  • Develop confidence and a sense of pride while meeting new like minded friends.
  • Gain recognizable qualifications, that will look great on a CV.
  • Most importantly of course, vocal tuition is great fun!


Vocal lessons at Darwen School of Music take place in our dedicated vocal studio, students will learn a range of skills from breathing and microphone techniques, to increasing power and vocal range, to song delivery techniques.

Although an almost infinite array of backing tracks are available we try to encourage live instrument backing which helps develop musicianship.Whether you’re singing for fun or looking to develop a career, you will receive expert guidance and encouragement every step of the way.

At Darwen School of Music there are no limitations, we will guide you to develop your skills and unlock your potential.

  • Perform Live

    Our vocal tuition students often get the opportunity to perform live at our famous student showcases. Performance is a great way to learn about cooperation with other musicians, they help bolster confidence, and who knows, you may even meet some new friends.


    Many of our students opt to take Trinity Music Exams, though optional these qualifications are highly recognizable, they make a great addition to anyone’s CV, and having your talents recognized officially is always a bonus.


    At Darwen School of Music we love to record, especially with our vocal students, in a world where vocal talent is as much about natural ability as it is employing modern technology to emphasize ability, we love to experiment with new software, tools and techniques.

Darwen School of Music Vocal Tutor Paul Stuart Davies


Paul Stuart Davies has been coaching singers for over a decade, being a co-founder of Darwen School of Music and having previously held the position of vocal coach on the Access to Music courses at Blackburn College and North Trafford College.


As a performer, Paul has appeared at some of the UK’s biggest Northern Soul events at venues such as Blackpool Tower Ballroom and Butlins Skegness, both as a solo artist and as front man for 9-piece band The SoulTrain.

He has shared the stage with many soul legends including Kim Weston (‘It Takes Two’) and The Contours (‘Do You Love Me’) and his fans include Marvin Gaye’s wife, Janis!


Paul had a hit on the official Independent Singles Chart in 2012 with his song “Mighty by Nature”, in memory of seven year old Neuroblastoma victim Lewis Mighty. The song also reached #1 on iTunes Rock Singles.


Paul is a member of the musicians union and is a qualified music facilitator. He also holds Grade 8 in Rockschool Vocals and, in 2003, was presented with an award by the legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin for his outstanding work whilst training as a vocal coach.



    My daughter Emily has been attending Darwen School of Music for over a year. She really enjoys her vocal lessons and looks forward to performing at the showcases the school has at The Library Theatre. It has been amazing to witness the confidence she has gained through her lessons that continues to impact other areas of her life.

    Sarah Vautour


    Darwen School of Music is where it all began for me. The lessons are so much fun and open so many opportunities for you if you let them – I’m creating my first EP with Paul at the moment and I’m so happy with how it’s going, we are going to put it on iTunes as well which is an incredible thing to be able to do at 15. The grade exams really help me to see my improvement and are really good for my CV. If I could go back 2 years and tell myself where I’d be now, I wouldn’t believe it and that’s all down to the Darwen School of Music crew!

    Leah Haworth


    At St Mary’s Sixth Form College in Blackburn we have been delighted with vocal workshops delivered by Paul. He is a quality musician, is very approachable and has a friendly manner with the students. I recommend Paul whole heartedly for tuition and performance work.

    Adrian Melia


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